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Select The Perfect Color For Your Project: In 3 Steps!

Posted by Riley Reich on

In just 3 simple steps you can take on your project with no color confusion or time wasted!


1) Research Your Style

Research your style or pull colors from your pre-existing decor

Whether your project includes painting walls or fixing up old furniture, researching a style to incorporate will give you an idea on what colors to choose for embodying that style; doing this helps with the consistency of your project!


Most styles have existing color palettes to create that desired look. 

Transitional: This style offers a modern and traditional approach to any living space. It's meant to mix minimalism with cozy accents. This uses a majority of creamy off-whites, with minimal dark muted grays, browns and blacks.



Organized Eclectic: This style brings the fun of regular eclectic into a purposeful space. It's meant to mix funky patterns with a clean contemporary edge. This uses minimal deep eye-catching colors, with off-whites to draw focus to the bold space.

Floral WhiteSoft Chamois / Glacier White / Genesis White


If you don't want to go through the hassle of buying furniture or decor to match your project, pull colors from what you plan on using!

2) Choose Color Swatches

Get color swatches to see the color's undertones and how it changes in different light

As much as the internet can help, there's only so much a screen can show. The colors you see online will not always appear that way in person. Different lighting will change the appearance of your colors. 

We recommend that before you get paint samples, you take color swatches home to see how the color transforms in your space and over time.

Ask about our free large paper color swatches!


 3) Try Color Samples

After simplifying what colors and their undertones work for your project, get color samples to finalize your options

Once you have boiled your options down to a few colors, it will be time to get color samples. Color swatches are helpful to understand the color's undertones, but color samples will help clarify the final decision.

Color samples show how that color works in a paint formula, as well as is a base for understanding how it will look in the products you choose for starting your project.


 We look forward to helping you along your journey! Feel free to visit or give us a call!