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Proudly Particular Craftsmen UPDATES

Benjamin Moore Paint Outlets has been created by a Craftsman for Craftsmen. We are committed to the success of small and large craftsmen alike. Helping them with every aspect of operating a successful coatings business. We do this in the stores, out in the field, or at your place of business.

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As you are likely aware, Benjamin Moore has not initiated a price increase in over two years.  After careful consideration of rising costs (i.e., raw materials, transportation, and distribution) that continue to impact our industry, Benjamin Moore has made the decision to adjust most of our products’ pricing effective June 14, 2021., LLC will hold of passing on those increases until July 1st, 2021.

  • The overall increase will average 5%
  • Ben Interior and Exterior will go up 2.2%

Our competitors have initiated larger and a couple more increases in this time frame and we are currently staying ahead of them regarding available supply.   Reach out to David Pokley  (586) 419-0067 or our store personnel if you need help locating product.

On behalf of our staff that service you every day, we sincerely appreciate your continued support of our small business as we work diligently every day to earn and support your businesses.

The future of your business and ours is very bright!  Thank you all for maintaining your integrity and craftsmanship as you price/bid projects in this market.  Remember your worth! 


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