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Graco Pump Armor (1 Quart)

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Product Description

Graco Pump Armor 1 Quart (946 ML) 
Sprayer storage and freeze protection for airless pumps
Freeze Proof to -30 degrees F
1) Completely clean sprayer with compatible solvent (warm water for water base/latex, appropriate thinner for solvent based products)
2) Relieve pressue and open prime valve
3) Place suctiontube inlet into Pump Armor bottle and prime sprayer
4) Fill fluid section with pump armor (cycle pump slowly until you see pump armor come out of the prime tube)
5) Turn off sprayer
6) Insure gun and hose stay attached to sprayer
7) Turn spray/prime valve to spray before storage
8) After storage - thoroughly flush sprayer with water until clear and dispose of Pump Armor in accordance with local regulations