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Graco Pump Inlet Strainer 1" Single Screen Mesh

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Product Description

Graco Inlet Strainer (Rock Catcher)

1" Diameter Single Screen Mesh

First Line of Defense against foreign materials entering your sprayer. Chunks or clogs in your coatings can develop into potential issues resulting in the damaging of your pump. This in turn, can render your sprayer inactive and could result in costly repairs as well as downtime. Be sure your screens are clear of dried paint and cleaned after each use to allow proper flow of your material to the inlet.


Ultra Max 695/795/1095/1595

GMax 3900/5900/Lo-Boy/High-Boy

LineLazer 3900/5000/5900

Ultra 750/1000/1500

GM3500/ 5000/ 7000

Ultra 333/433