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DuraLaq® Nitrocellulose Acrylic White Vinyl Sealer 1C.204

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Product Description


  • Available Colors: White
  • Sheen (or Gloss): N/A
  • Cleanup: Solvent
  • Resin Type: Nitrocellulose
  • Recommended Use: Interior
  • MPI Rating:
  • VOC Level: 675.0


A premium-quality, ready-to-spray white vinyl sealer designed for high-quality interior wood applications. Formulated to serve as an ideal foundation for any Lenmar® clear or pigmented solvent-borne finishes, including conversion varnishes, precatalyzed lacquers, and CAB/acrylics. Additional benefits include excellent penetration and adhesion into properly prepared interior wood substrates or MDF, fast-drying, and easy sanding.

  • Good adhesion, sanding, and moisture resistance
  • Formulated to penetrate and bond to properly prepared wood

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